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All Aspects Home Inspections Inc516 7317213 www.ArtOfInspection.comFinal Walkthrough Checklist The final walkthrough gives homebuyers an opportunity to inspect a property before closing on the sale
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after the sale of the home, and does not include an assessed value of the property, buyers can examine the property to determine if they need to bring back additional funds for the repairs to the house they purchased. The walkthrough also provides buyers with a chance to obtain an additional personal inspection of the property that they can use to conduct a final inspection of the property prior to the closing of the sale. The actual value of the property that is covered by the walkthrough is normally less than the market appraisal for that home, so the final inspection of the property is normally the least expensive means that buyers of properties purchased with Walkthroughs could have of obtaining an accurate value on the property. What is a Checklist? A checklist provides a simple method of making a home inspection process that does not require multiple visits to the property and is cost effective. The best part about a checklist is that it allows you to conduct an inspection of the property only a few days after the handover of the home to its new homebuying buyer. If you have to travel to the property, the home inspection checklist allows the buyer to be as thorough as desired. It does not require your personal inspection of the property from beginning to end, as a complete inspection may be required, and your inspection time may be limited. There are different checklists that different companies offer, but as a general rule, a checklist will have a list of conditions associated with that particular property. It also usually details what to do at each site. After each condition is specified, the checklist provides a list of things to do to check for problems in the property as it exists in its current state before being offered for sale.  For example, the Checklist for Homes in Miami , Florida contains a list of things to check for in this home that are typical of Miami Beach. However, if a buyer wants to check for other issues, such as water damage, other exterior problems, and roof leaks, there are a number of different checklist companies that will have checklists that cover those particular repairs. Also, a checklist provides a checklist-ready method to conduct the check for inspections. Therefore, you don't have to learn a new method of conducting inspections, which can be time consuming, and you only have to check off the specific conditions on your checklist. In addition, the checklist also allows you to make a note of any problems or areas that need to be visited
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